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This page will let you introduce yourself:

Before our first appointment, I hope you will fill out this pre-session introductory summary. This is by no means mandatory, yet very useful if you are willing to take a step forward.

These questions will help you clarify your challenges and will give me a sense of just how I might help you. Please choose one of the following “Case Preparation Profiles” and feel free to let your words, ideas, and emotions flow freely. Using the information you provide, we will have something meaningful to work with as soon as we meet. I warmly encourage you to write from your heart about whatever might be challenging or troubling you.
Please Notice and Remember: It is not mandatory for you to fill out any of the above inventories! However, working with the profile in advance of our introductory session is likely to be extremely useful to you because the information you furnish me will help both of us develop a very clear picture of the problems that confront you. Remember, you can skip any part of these profiles. If a question seems complicated or difficult to explain — just skip it!

Let's look respectfully upon whatever you are struggling with!

verified by Psychology TodayMaking the effort to complete the profile will allow us both to gain clarity about the personal struggles and psychological challenges that confront you. By receiving your summary in advance of our first meeting, I will have time to consider your needs and can begin to provide you with the strongest recommendations for the solutions that you desire.

I Look forward to meeting you in person!

Dr. Patrick J. Hart

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Naturally, if you prefer, just give me a call to schedule your time