The Sober Truth | Science Debunks 12-Step Rehab Methods

Alcoholics Anonymous | Rehab Success Rates

There is a large body of evidence now looking at the real picture of AA success rates. The success rate of The Minnesota Rehabilitation Model (AA Based) is between 5 and 10 percent. Most people don’t seem to know that because it’s not widely publicized.

“There are some studies that have claimed to show scientifically that AA is useful. These studies are riddled with scientific errors and they say no more than what we knew to begin with, which is that AA has probably the worst success rate in all of medicine.”

It’s not only that AA has a 5 to 10 percent success rate; if it was successful and was neutral the rest of the time, we’d say OK. But it’s harmful to the 90 percent who don’t do well. And it’s harmful for several important reasons. One of them is that everyone believes that AA is the right treatment. AA is never wrong, according to AA.┬áIf you fail in AA, it’s you that’s failed.

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