Internet Addiction | Pornography, Chat Rooms, Online Role Play Games, Compulsive Gambling

Internet Addiction & Compulsive Behavior:

Pornography, Chat Rooms, Online Role Play Games, Compulsive Gambling

Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Behavior Change for Non-Chemical “Addictions”

  • Assessment for Internet Addictive Disorder
  • Obsessive Gaming, Chat Rooms, Pornography, Gambling
  • Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment Matching
  • Family Intervention Specialist:
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If you find yourself in the grip of technology-related compulsive behaviors and are unsure what to do, let me extend to you a lifeline of solution-focused counseling services for “cyber addiction,” role play game compulsion and similar problems.

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I extend confidential evaluation and treatment recommendations to families or individuals who desire help with problems associated with computer role play games, gambling, and other life-defeating addictive-compulsive behaviors. You may schedule a confidential telephone consultation for decisive answers to your most pressing questions about addictive disorders and mental health.

Family Intervention Specialist

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Psychologists Hilirie Cash and Kim McDaniel are working on a handbook for parents about gaming addiction, currently titled “Reality Quest: What Parents Need to Know About Their Children’s Gaming Habits.”

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A quiz for those who might suffer from online gaming addiction.

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Self Tests to Assess Compulsive Behaviors

A condition that has also been called Computer Addiction and Internet Addictive Disorder, Cyber-Addiction is a problem very similar to pathological gambling, pornography, and compulsive shopping. Like other chemical/drug addictions, these “clean,” behavioral, “process addictions” routinely exact anguish from others. Family, friends, and co-workers can be devastated as a result of these obsessive behaviors. Spouses complain that their previously intimate loved ones neglect them. Couples separate when betrayals acted out in “cyberspace” are discovered. For many reasonable spouses, virtual affairs are imbroglios every bit as threatening as flesh and blood affairs.

The number of commercial pornography web pages has increased by nearly 1,800 percent compared with five years ago, according to internet filtering company N2H2 (OTC Bulletin Board: NTWO.OB). In the month of July alone, N2H2 identified web sites comprising over 28 million pages for its filtering database, and N2H2 now has identified over 260 million pages classified as pornography. The pervasiveness of virtual pornography highlights the continued need for effective solutions to prevent liability issues in the workplace, government agencies, and schools.

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This site was established by Walter Scanlon, respected author on the subject of intervention. It offers elegant descriptions of various intervention strategies.

Seattle AA 12 Step Meetings
A schedule for AA and related twelve step meetings in Seattle. Resources for Codependents Anonymous, Alanon, Alateen, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and the like.

Alateen (Ages 12-17), 800-356-9996
AlAnon, 800-344-2666
Alcoholics Anonymous, 212-870-3400
CoDependents Anonymous (CODA), 602-277-7991
Anorexia Nervosa and Associated (Eating) Disorders (ANAD), 847-831-3438
Co-Anon (Cocaine Addicts’ Family Groups), 520-513-5088
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), 800-438-6233

Other “Anonymous” 12 Step Groups for those coping with problems associated with

Cocaine (CA), 800-347-8998
Debt, 781-453-2743
Emotions, 651-647-9712
Families, 800-736-9805
Gambling, 213-386-8789
Gaming, 718-352-1671
Marijuana, 800-766-6779

Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Independent Intervention Specialist

Seattle Computer and Online Addiction Treatment
Pornography, Gambling, Online Role Play Games