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Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Mental Health and Drug Counselor

Professionals at High Risk For Developing Alcohol and Other Chemical Dependency Problems

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All persons working in the creative professions or in athletics may find themselves struggling with substance abuse.

Dr. Patrick Hart
Psychotherapist in Seattle

  • Help for chemical dependency
  • Rehab and detox rehabilitation center treatment matching
  • Recovery program matching and counseling for alcohol and drug problems
  • Therapist and counselor for those in the high-risk occupations
  • Clinical psychologist referrals
  • Teen family intervention specialist for recovery centers, detox, hospitals, and addiction rehabilitation treatment
  • Mental Health Counseling: Therapy, psychotherapy and drug rehab

Drug Problems in the Performing Arts and in Sports
The perception of widespread drug use drug use among musicians may be an important factor in developing attitudes and behaviors related to increased jeopardy for drug and alcohol use. This is not just a problem that affects musicians. All those who pursue a career in the creative professions or in sports find the use of everything from beer to cocaine, and narcotics to prescription medications quite prevalent among their peers, for reasons of enhanced creativity or athletic performance, much needed relaxation, pain control, and a pervasive atmosphere of tolerance. However, when use of stimulants and intoxicants begins to get in the way of performance, relationships, and health, it is time to take stock of the issue and its affect on you and on your family.

A.R.T.S: Artists Anonymous
ARTS Anonymous is a “fellowship of artists who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may recover form their common problem and help others to surrender to their creativity.” We are addicted to the avoidance of our artistic expression . . .

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