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Private Risk Assessment:
Personal Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Personal and Private Risk Assessment:
Confidential: Honest and Accurate Personal Exploration . . .

Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Mental Health and Addictions:
Evaluation and Treatment Options 206-547-HELP

If your answers to the below informal personal screening test alarms you, contact Patrick for a safe and realistic exploration of your relationship with booze or recreational drugs. Are you falling into the trap of addiction? In depth, and entirely confidential assessment interviews are available through private phone consultation

Private and Confidential Evaluation
Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Options

Harm Reduction Strategies, Safety Precautions & Addiction Crisis Prevention.

Just How Much is Too Much?
Try This Private Personal Risk Assessment Questionnaire:

  • Am I at High Risk to Develop A Problem?
  • Substance Abuse VS Chemical Dependency?
  • Am I really drinking safely these days?
  • Will alcohol cause problems for me later?
  • Is drinking harming my health now?
  • Do I really drink more than most people?
  • Am I slowly loosing control of my use?
  • Is my drinking really becoming a problem?
  • Could drinking become a lethal and life-threatening problem for me?

An abundance of resources are available in the community for people that seek help with psychiatric disorders, mental health problems or alcohol / drug abuse or dependency. Below you will find a list of links to community services and other help resources.

Among people who drink alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, or liquor), most consume safe and healthy amounts. For others, unsafe drinking patterns increase their risk for injury, illness or future alcohol problems. And, for 1 in 13 American adults, alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence (alcoholism) causes substantial harm to their health and disruption in their lives.

Alcohol Drug Helpline: Washington State
Phone Referrals and Drug & Alcohol Treatment Resource Clearinghouse and Information Service for the Public. General Helpline 800-562-1240

Crisis Clinic Seattle King County: Seattle
A non-profit organization offering support services to anyone in King County, Washington.  Telephone services provide immediate, confidential assistance for people in emotional distress and in need of help. Suicide crisis prevention and suicide prevention hotline in Seattle

Twelve Step Fellowship Program Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous in Seattle: A Power Greater than Myself

Seattle Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Meetings
A schedule for Alcoholics Anonymous and related twelve step meetings in Seattle. Resources for codependency anonymous, alanon, alateen, adult children of alcoholics, sex addicts anonymous, over eaters anonymous and the like.

Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Seattle Drug Rehabilitation Recovery Center
Treatment Program Referral and Professional
Clinically Informed Treatment Matching.

Sober.Com Drug Alcohol Recovery Center Search
This directory has listings of all the drug rehab programs and treatment centers, alcohol rehabilitation programs, halfway houses, sober houses, eating disorder centers and clinics, drug detoxification and alcohol detox centers, and drug addiction recovery related products in the country. The site is user friendly and services for heroin, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, anorexia or bulimia can be found for adults or />

Dual Diagnosis
This site provides information and resources for service providers, consumers, and family members who are seeking assistance and/or education.

Women for Sobriety

Addiction Research.Com
The information provided on is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her psychologist, mental health counselor, physician or rehabilitation treatment center professional counselor

Women For Sobriety is both an organization and a self-help program for women alcoholics. It is, in fact, the first national self-help program for women alcoholics. Based upon a Thirteen Statement Program of positivity that encourages emotional and spiritual growth, the “New Life” Program has been extremely effective in helping women to overcome their alcoholism and learn a wholly new lifestyle.

TypeForm Dissertation Formatting Services – American Psychological Association
Expert Dissertation Formatting Specialist: National formatting services for APA and Chicago styles. Willing to work with any school's requirements – custom templates and style sheets, tables, equations, figures, graphics format, and editing for style compliance to meet the guidelines of your academic institution.

Alcohol Rehab Directory
A one stop resource for all your alcohol rehabilitation needs.

Find a Doctor and Psychologist
MDJunction is a doctors' search engine that allows you to find a doctor in your area, read about doctors' medical experience and expertise, read patients reviews and ratings.

Psych Central Articles
Psychology central welcomes you to our community scientists and psychologist-practitioners of the psychological sciences! Psych central offers a wide range of free informational and educational articles and resources on psychology, support and mental health resources online.

Seattle Counselors Association
A greater Seattle professional organization for mental health counselors, family counselors, chemical dependency and other addiction counselors, social workers, therapists, and psychotherapists from all counseling fields and backgrounds in King and south Snohomish Counties.

Sober 24
Sober24 is a safe, supportive “Virtual Fellowship” for those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse and the friends and family who love them. Bulletin boards and chat rooms are available where you can get support when you need it, and offer your own support to those who can benefit from it. Virtual meetings occur on a regular basis which you are invited to attend.
Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers. Carries news and is an online effort to combat drugs nationwide.

Mtn. Retreat Secured Transport Services
Safe and secure transport for mentally ill, developmentally disabled, Alzheimer’s, and adolescents who require help for suicide and suicical behavior management and related issues. Mission Statement — To deliver timely, professional, cost effective service to our clients while providing safe, considerate, and respectful transport of all individuals placed in our care. Specializing in the complex and often difficult transport of patients who require in-transit supervision, in a secure setting, to ensure their safety and/or the safety of others. 1-503-666-9895 (National Services).

Educational Connections
Helping families assess appropriate educational options for struggling adolescents.

Facilities Management, Facility Management, & Facilities Maintenance
Facilities Management & Facility Maintenance implements high-tech facility management and maintenance software for its facilities maintenance professional services, including project management and financial planning.

Eating Disorder Referral Service
This comprehensive site provides information and treatment resources for all forms of eating disorders.

The Sober Recovery Directory
The Sober Recovery directory lists hundreds of drug rehab and treatment centers, alcohol rehabilitation centers, sober living houses and recovery related web sites. Site offers help, referrals and information for heroin, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, and treatment program options including detox, teen boot camps, wilderness programs and outpatient programs for adults or adolescents.

Health Risk Assessment & Health Assessment
Scripps health center offers executive health risk assessments and other health assessment services.

Dr. Harry Henshaw
Prescriptions for stress and enhanced healing through music. Reducing stress is very important for your well being. “Prescription For Stress” is an audio health care product designed to assist you in obtaining a very deep state of relaxation or sleep. “Prescription For Stress” induces your body and mind to begin your own healing process and help you to recover from the ill effects of stress.


Provides a free service focused on improving the quality of our health services by allowing you to find doctors, review doctors, and rate them.

Gail Clelland Counseling Services
Clelland Counseling Services specialty is with adults experiencing life challenging issues, chronic illnesses, patients coping with chronic pain and patients recovering from personal injury.
Site by Walter Scanlon, respected author on the subject. Offers elegant descriptions of various intervention strategies.

Drug Test
Drug testing information and products to help you Drug Test Information.

Intervention Specialist: Family Intervention and Marital Counseling

Professional Recommendations for detox,f rehab centers and national addiction Treatment Program Referrals. Confidential assessment and private evaluation or risk assessment for those concerned about alcohol and other drug problems. Substance abuse and chemical dependency evaluation and private addiction treatment.

Alternatives to traditional rehabilitation programs:
Additions & alterntitves to the 12 step based "rehab" atmosphere.