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Addictive Behavior Change:
Problems of Impulse Control and Self Regulation:

“Addictive behavior” could be said to represent any unwanted or self-defeating habit that one impulsively continues to repeat even when this clearly leads to unwanted negative consequences. Keep it Simple: Do you suffer . . . .

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Addictive Behavior: This refers to those irritating and persistent habitual behaviors that one continues to do, even though such actions clearly lead to — or will likely create profoundly negative  & unwanted outcomes.

One may complain of being somehow “stuck” with such repetitive, irrational and high-risk habits. One may engage in such behavior — over and above — other priorities (financial, medical, marital, occupational, social), impulsively acting-out such habits to one’s own detriment or when this exacts undue harm upon others.




Take Charge and Skillfully Eliminate Self-Defeating Habit Patterns!

The Process-Learning Model of Addiction: Outgrowing the Disease Concept!
Working compassionately with clients who struggle with unwanted habits of suffer from addictive behavior problems, I specialize with private assessment and personalized behavior change strategies. If you seek individualized help with the resolution of unwanted and self-defeating habits, struggles with chemicals, or other life-defeating actions – give me a call. I help people find personal solutions to all manner of unwanted compulsive behavior: computer gaming, pornography, binge eating, chat rooms or gambling.

  • Are you struggling with unwanted and life defeating habits?
  • Have you been unsuccessful at resolving these habits alone?
  • Do you habits seem to be controlling you . . .

The Stages of Change Model:
Establish Your Personal Readiness for Behavior Change.

Learn Lasting Coping Skills and Useful Behavior Change Strategies

For people who are struggling with addictive behavior, drug abuse or chemical dependency — and “perpetually getting ready to quit” — my practice offers Motivational Enhancement Counseling, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Relapse Prevention methods.

I warmly assist ambivalent, confused or frightened drug users to effectively learn to escape the – often fatal grip – of addictive behavior patterns that start with simple substance abuse.

Hopefully, you will take action before simple chemical dependency translates into a full blown addictive disorder with physical withdrawal which requires medically monitored detox or inpatient hospitalization.

Skills Based Cognitive Behavioral Counseling in Seattle:
Learn to take charge of unwanted habits and choose your life-style!

Computer Technology and Seattle Internet Addiction:
Problems Related to Internet Technology

  • Online Massively Multipalyer Online Role Play Games
  • Sex or Porn Addiction: Chat Rooms and Cyber Affairs
  • Internet Pornography Addiction: Are You and Addict?
  • Instant Messenger and Text Messaging
  • Compulsive Gambling or Casino Games
  • Compulsive Shopping or Internet Auction

Cognitive behavioral methods help you learn to accomplish personal skills for desired behavior change. Such methods help people resolve “process addictions” that involve no drug abuse or ingestion of mind altering chemicals. Behavior therapy through The Hart Center Seattle Mental Health Counseling offers you skills based solutions to resolve compulsive behavior problems that involve pornography, internet chat rooms, computer role play games, online gambling and similar personal issues.

Cyber Addiction:

Obsessive Compulsive Use of Internet Technology

The term “cyber sex addiction” has been recently coined to describe compulsive behavior problems related to computer use, console games and various forms of internet technology. Such “clean addictions” have been highlighted as reflecting non-chemical dependencies. A virtual wave of popularity has found game consoles like the X Box, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii, to be common entertainment in American Households. This wave of virtual entertainment has revealed in its wake some alarming addictive consequence.

The “cyber addict” has emerged, and this finds compulsive gamers grafting themselves to game consoles as their life vitality virtually deteriorates – and washes away in cyber-reality. The pattern of life compromises parallels the pattern of symptoms found in those that suffer chemical dependency – occupations are squandered, marriages are destroyed, mental and behavioral health becomes disorganized – much like the symptoms associated with narcotic addiction.

Internet Addictive Disorder:
Massively Multi Player Online Role Play Games

Cyber Sex: Sexual Acting Out With Internet Technology
Some Theorists Construe this as a Sign of Sex Addiction

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