Learn to Stop Smoking!

Do you find yourself in Smoking
Addiction Has You Tied in Knots?

Many effective options are available to help you with smoking cessation. From professional behavioral intervention programs, to clinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or twelve step meetings like Nicotine Anonymous.

Connecting with others is critical to help you successfully quit smoking!

Cigarette tied in a knot

Many options for help to stop smoking are available to you. From Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, to Schick Shadel Hospital Give me a call at 206-547 HELP (4357). I will give you leads to free stop smoking programs like Nicotine Anonymous, and also refer you to a super stop smoking workshop that has been developed by a dedicated professional Stop Smoking Cessation Coach Patty Hensley.

Go ahead and take your first step to a tobacco-free live and call Patty Hensley at the following number 206-755-5116.Program director and professional Patty Hensley offers an interactive full day workshop: "Get Free – Stay Free": This is a spoking cessation workshop with the opportunity to initiate a lifetime supportive follow up through individual coaching. Get Free, Stay Free is a brilliant option for people that are willing save their lives from tobacco!

You may email Patty for locations and enrollment info@lifepriorities.net or to explore your freedom to live free from nicotine! As an alternative to individual hypnotherapy or counseling, Patty's workshop focus on supportive group dynamics and skills based counseling to help you resolve your nicotine problem — once and for all.

Smoking Cessation Health Center:
Find in-depth information to help you quit smoking including smoking cessation techniques and products.

A List of Nicotine Anonymous Meetings


Call Dr. Hart at 206-547-HELP (4357)

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center:
Principal Research Investigator Jonathat Bricker PhD.
P.A.T.H Study: Partnering to Achieve Tobacco-free Health