Private Addiction Counselor | Unwanted Habits & Behavior Change

Private Addiction Counselor:
Personal Counseling for Addictive Behavior Change

Traditional addiction treatment or alcohol drug rehabilitation centers provide intensive, hospital based, residential long term care. Wether you require hospital based detox to assure your medical safety, or simply seek support groups for non-drug “process” addictions, I’m prepared to help you explore and define just what you are up against. I aim to help you relieve the confusion, and make sense of the broad range of options available to you.

As a Dr. of Psychology and family intervention specialist,  I am frequently called on to help friends and loved ones mobilize action. Compassionate family intervention helps interrupt vicious cycles of drug addiction or mental health problems before more damage is done.

Whatever the case, if you suffer, just call me a call and we’ll have a dedicated look at what is troubling you. Let’s discover a working strategy and determine exactly what will work for you to resolve your specific challenges.

Explore and Find Alternatives that Work for You.
Far Beyond “Rehab” | Personal Addiction Treatment Options

two hands tightly bound in rope metaphoric of the grip if addiction

Self-Regulation :: Solutions for Self Limiting Habits

I maintain a large data base of drug rehab and addiction treatment options in Seattle and nationally.  I’ll serve you respectfully and compassionately with unbiased evaluation and treatment matching. I aim to help you with useful and realistic recommendations — solutions that fit for you. From formal inpatient recovery centers that provide residential long term care, to the broad range of outpatient treatment options — let’s seek and find what will work for you!

Are you really an “addict” in need of “rehabilitation?”

Perhaps you are uncomfortable defining yourself as an “addict” or “alcoholic?” Such labels meets with great stigma or shame for many of us. Remember, the language associated with the “rehabilitation model” is just one way to talk about addictive behavior change.

I offer individualized private help for problems with alcohol, crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, oxy contin, heroin and other drug abuse. Private evaluation and cognitive behavioral counseling for behavioral non-drug “process addictions” that involve pornography, gambling, compulsive eating and similar unwanted habits.

Do Nothing and Nothing Changes: 206-547-HELP

I am a Seattle based intervention specialist and addiction counselor providing effective and compassionate help for families and individuals that wish to explore treatment and rehab options.

If you seek private individual counseling to resolve unwanted habits  ~ just give me a call!  

Let’s schedule an hour to explore alternatives and solutions that can be  tailor-made just for you.  Flexible counseling methods allow you to develop the skillful-means for vital-life change.