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Let’s take a few moments and discuss your needs! Voice contact allows us both to enjoy an elegant personal touch in each of our conversations. Your phone calls allow me to serve you best!

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Feel Free to Give Me a Call at my office: 206-547-4357


Let's take a few moments and discuss your needs and the mental health evaluation process!

I respond personally to each of my phone calls. Please take a few minutes by phone with me so we can briefly make sense of your situation and exchange information in a warm, clear, and streamlined manner.

You see, I really hope that you'll call me directly rather than sending a message in text or email! Please simply "Call Me to Avoid Spam Filters and similar aggravations!

Voice contact allows us both to enjoy an elegant personal touch in each of our conversations. Your phone calls allow me to serve you best!

Not only is a telephone conversation warmer, but this is also the best way to alert me to your needs. Because my computer & emailer does not ring like my telephone, a number of hours may pass before I realize you are trying to contact me. I always want to be available to you in a cohesive and timely manner.

Text Precautions Please!

Emails are frequently stuck in spam filters, lost or tangled up in the Web.

Over Stuffed Email Box

Because the phone connection grants us immediate contact, your call or voice message always proves to be fast and effective. Making use of the telephone streamlines everything for both of us. By now, no doubt, you know my preference . . . so grin or groan . . . and give me a call as soon as you're ready!

206-547-HELP (4357)

If you wish to take an immediate and very useful step forward, I encourage you to take a few minutes and fill out the below confidential personal introduction and problem summary questionnaire:

Introduction Summary | Please Tell Me More About You! . . .

Your responses to the above questionnaire will facilitate our subsequent conversations. I will respond personally if you leave me your phone number. Better yet, go ahead and pick up the phone as soon as you finish filling out the profile!

My privacy policy assures you that all information submitted will be held in strict confidence.

That being said, please use your best discretion and refrain from submitting information by the Internet to me that you deem ultra-confidential. Simply wait until we are in session to disclose your most guarded secret.

Please simply give me a phone call or voice mail. I will call you back -- personally -- so if you get voice mail -- make sure to leave me your phone number I'll call you as soon as I can!

Your questions about my practice are strongly encouraged!


The Hart Center Mental Health
3727 Bagley Ave N

Seattle WA 98103

I keep a residence office. When you arrive, simply walk up the Driveway (between the houses) and Enter the consultation room from the Very Back Door - near the fountains.

* Please, Refrain from Arriving Early!
I routinely see clients back-to-back and I will never keep you waiting for your scheduled appointment!

Driving Instructions From I-5 (Either Direction)

  1. Take the University of Washington / 45th Street Exit
  2. Head West On 45th.
  3. Drive Approximately 1/2 Mile
  4. Turn Left On Bagley Avenue (Just Seven Blocks)
  5. (You are Heading South Now - Toward Lake Union )
  6. Landmarks at Bagley Avenue and 45th Avenue: The Guild 45th Movie Theatre & Iron Bull Sports Bar
  7. Follow Bagley Avenue -- just Seven Blocks to
  8. 3727 on the West side of the Street.
  9. Parking is always readily available!
  10. Please Notice and Make Use of the Print Friendly Button at the top of this page! This will assure you remember the above reminders . . . to walk up the driveway and enter near the fountains!

Mental Health Evaluation
Referrals for Therapy to Seattle
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Seattle Addiction Treatment and National Recovery Center Referrals:
Treatment matching in Seattle and Washington State for addiction treatment programs and recovery counseling. Intervention Specialist provides private phone coaching to help you explore family intervention methods and discover the most compassionate and effective strategy for safety precautions and harm reduction.

Helping you find the Mental Health Care in Seattle that will work best for you!
If you seek a referral to a Seattle psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, or intervention specialist, I will help you explore your mental health and psychotherapy options.