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The Dance of Connection |
How t0 Talk to Someone When Your’e, Hurt, Scared, Frustrated, Insulted, Betrayed or Desperate.

In her most groundbreaking book to date, Dr. Harriet Lerner takes us far beyond her previous book The Dance of Anger and shows us how to “find our voice” with the people in our lives who matter the most. The Dance of Connection tackles the most difficult relationship problems we face with people who hurt us most.

Drawing on her own experiences and those of some of her many clients Dr Lerner counsels privately, Lerner illumines for us the most pervasive and profound relationship issues, including how to cope with feelings of rejection; how to embrace emotional vulnerability, how to take positive steps to deflect criticism or negativity from a family member or friend; and how to reinforce the positive in all of our relationships.

Please look forward to learning as Dr. Lerner reveals a startling new definition of what it means to have an “authentic voice”—one that runs counter to the automatic ways we try to speak our truths. The Dance of Connection goes beyond “communication techniques” to provide bold and innovative “voice lessons.” Lerner tells us when to lighten up and let things go, and when we need to take specific constructivesteps to heal betrayals, inequalities, and broken connections.

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