Dr. Patrick J. Hart: Holistic Depression Treatment. Remain Medication Free!

Depression Treatment Seattle

Depression Treatment Seattle

In truth, the emotional suffering that you view as depression or anxiety can be legitimately and very usefully considered to be personal “beacons” or “warning signals” that various aspects of your life are calling out to you for attention, adjustment and rebalance.

  • Understand your depression in a completely new way.
  • Recognize the depression traps in your life.
  • Use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to move through difficult life situations.
  • Develop a mindful, values oriented lifestyle.
  • Commit to acting in ways that promote vitality, purpose and meaning in your life time.
  • See depression treatment in a refreshing light.

Perhaps in various life contexts, you find yourself yearning for self-care, renewal and interpersonal restoration?

A metaphoric image holistic depression treatment and cognitive therapy
Depression Treatment Seattle: Holist Psychotherapy Alternatives.






 Cognitive Psychotherapy | Depression and Anxiety

Holistic Depression Treatment
Without the Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Psychiatric Drugs

Therapy for Your Depression and Anxiety: Solution-focused and skills-based cognitive behavioral therapy for depression aims to help you resolve struggles with mood and emotions; challenges with anger management, procrastination, and unwanted habits respond well to contemporary cognitive behavioral psychotherapy methods.

My therapy practice provides enduring coping skills and remedies for depression, panic attack, post traumatic stress (PTSD), social anxiety, life defeating phobias and similar problems that you have not been able to solve alone.

Depression  Treatment Seattle:

Remain Free of Antidepressant Medications.

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Depression Treatment Seattle


Seattle Depression Treatment: