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Recovery Programs:
Treatment Matching Options

Working compassionately with guarded and frightened individuals, I specialize in private assessment and recovery options for people who seek help with the resolution of life-defeating habits or issues of substance abuse and addiction. For people that are perpetually “getting ready to quit,” I provide motivational interviewing and decisive educational counseling that assists ambivalent, defensive, or “oblivious” abusers in emerging victorious from their struggle with drugs.

Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Evaluation & Treatment for Alcohol & Other Dependency Problems

Private and discrete substance-use and mental health evaluations are available to extremely guarded individuals who are in high-visibility occupations or professional groups. My practice offers personalized guidance and treatment options for counselors, therapists, and other health care practitioners – students, elders, and executives alike.

Treatment Matching: Helping You Choose the Right Help!
Clinically Appropriate Recovery Centers or Rehab Programs

All aspects of my Seattle practice have been consciously built to sustain fully private and confidential care. Comprehensive, individualized, and discrete – national travel – may be negotiated for exclusive, delicate, and exceedingly complex family addiction intervention services!

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Personalized Relapse Prevention Skills Training

My practice provides counseling and family aftercare follow-up, pre- and post-treatment and rehabilitation for chemical dependency. I offer specialized relapse prevention services for those wishing to enhance their recovery and assure ongoing abstinence. Personalized relapse prevention training and group counseling can enhance coping skills and help with the maintenance of psychological health.

People with alcohol and other dependency problems can respond well to contemporary methods of change as well as alcoholism and drug addiction rehabilitation. When properly identified and treated, drug addiction and substance related disorders are acknowledged as progressive and terminal illnesses, which can be safely maintained in remission. Many problem drinkers who had been literally dying from alcohol addiction remain grateful today that they made contact with appropriate help. Rehab is for quitters! Alcoholics and addicts can unite to beat their common problem.

  • Personal and confidential recommendations for matching to appropriate local (Seattle area) or national, medical detox hospitals, addiction counselors, psychologists, and drug rehabilitation programs
  • Treatment matching recommendations for co-occurring problems
  • Referrals to detox and recovery centers throughout the United States

    • cocaine or crack addiction
    • methamphetamine addiction
    • marijuana addiction
    • ecstasy addiction
    • crack addiction
    • crystal addiction
    • sex and pornography
    • chat room and internet
    • "cyber addiction: role play games
    • internet addictive disorder
    • problems of "process addiction"

Immediate confidential phone consultation is readily available at 206-547-HELP 206-769-STOP. Intervention Specialist Independent National Services

Substance Use Checkup: Confidential Assessment & Recommendations

  • Are you finished “Getting Ready” to finally quit?
  • Progressive Loss of Control?
  • Are those hangovers getting worse? Is using no longer fun?
  • Failed in your efforts to quit? Preoccupied? Isolating? Withdrawn?
  • Defensive about drugs? Sick days used up? Relationship resentment?
  • Blackouts? Dual-life secrets? Remorse? Guilt? Avoidance? Hopelessness?
  • Are you considering being treated for substance abuse or entering a rehabilitation facility and looking for advice on methods and alternative models of confronting your addiction?

Are You Suffering From Chronic Pain?

A wide variety of physical conditions result in chronic pain that creates excessive stress in our lives. When these illnesses are treated, drugs are often used to ameliorate pain and other symptoms. Unwitting and innocent, good people frequently become chemically dependant on prescribed medications like Oxycontin, Vicodan, Percocet, or Percodan. Medicinal use can then lead to a distinct craving for the drug, which can progress far beyond simple recreational drug abuse to full blown drug addiction with its attendant symptoms of physical withdrawal. Dr. Hart’s family intervention and counseling practice provides lifeline preventative measures that can help you to prevent or overcome such prescription drug dependency.

Rehabilitation Program and Treatment Alternatives (Seattle and National):
Drug counseling and cognitive behavioral relapse prevention for dependency issues: alcohol, cocaine, Oxycontin, heroin, pornography, and problems of codependency.