Codependent Couples Recovery Counseling and Marital Therapy

Codependent Couples Recovery Counseling and Marital Therapy

Dr. Patrick J. Hart
Codependency Roles | Dysfunctional Relationships
Help to Stop Enabling and Enduring Problems of Addiction

People visit my practice for solutions to a variety of psychological difficulties. Clinical work includes mental health evaluation and counseling or psychotherapy for the treatment of depression and problems of anxiety such as panic or phobia. Codependent counseling services provide resources and skills-development for the management of behavior, mood, and emotions, like anxiety, stress, grief, frustration, anger–fear. Behavioral problems involving “process addictions” like pathological gambling, compulsive internet use, sexual compulsion, and similar problems can also be addressed. I also offer telephone conference options for those who may live out of the area or have other reasons for preferring to speak on the telephone.

A couple in marital conflict

Couples and Marital Counseling:
Learn to Repair and Harmonize Your Relationships

My practice provides solution-focused and skills-based behavioral therapy for couples in conflict. I enjoy helping committed couples develop coping strategies to resolve relationship problems, so they can adjust to the changes, challenges, and stressors that are implicit in living in vital relationship. I also work as a counselor and therapist for “recovering couples” who are recovering from “codependent” relationship roles.

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Counseling and Psychotherapy: Maintain Your Mental Health!

My practice offers a relaxed and entirely private setting for anyone wishing to explore personal growth and to resolve psychological challenges. As a practicing psychotherapist, and counselor, I enjoy working with people who are feeling perplexed or overwhelmed by the complexities of their lives. Individuals who have experienced trauma, abuse, or domestic violence are welcome to speak safely with me about options for renewal and change. My practice is convenient to Seattle and Bellevue.

Behavioral Health Counselor: Manage Your Self-Limiting Habits

Solution oriented counseling services include behavior-regulation (life-defeating habits or compulsions like spending, internet, gambling, credit) and various relapse-prevention strategies (e.g., smoking, eating, alcohol and other drug abuse). Frequently people present to my practice with challenges that involve avoidance, self-regulation, impulse-control, and habit management. My philosophy of treatment emphasizes cognitive change, skills-development and the maintenance of behavioral-health.

Psychologically Based Alternatives to Twelve-Step Programs
:: Behavioral Health is the Key to Functional Living!

As an alternative or addition to “twelve-step” programs like alcoholics anonymous, alanon, narcotics anonymous or codependency anonymous, I offer my clients contemporary cognitive-behavioral and skills-based approaches for learning “self-regulation” to enhance their behavioral health. Through such methods I assist people in changing life-defeating habits or compulsions like codependency, spending, internet, eating, gambling, pornography and the like. I teach various behavior management skills that target diminished impulse control, and employ avoidance reduction strategies to enhance the goal-directed outcomes that clients wish to achieve in their lives.

Evaluations and Referrals

I provide psychological evaluations to help people determine the nature of their concerns. This includes “treatment matching” and counselor referral or recommendations to help you select psychologists and other practitioners if you are struggling with difficulties that are beyond the scope of my practice. For example, you may need a referral to a psychiatrist to be evaluated for certain medications, or to medical doctors, chiropractors, and alternative specialists like naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, or massage therapists for physiological evaluation. I also maintain a referral base of clinical neuro-psychologists and forensic psychologists for clients who require psychological tests and measures and empirically-based psychological assessment inventories.

Cautious Individuals Seeking Circumspect Care are Welcome
:: Private Confidential Evaluation | Treatment Recommendations Tailored Especially to You.

  • Health professionals and other wary individuals of public profile
  • Principals and executives of professional organizations or groups
  • Vigilant associates and friends of compromised-defensive individuals
  • Defendants arrested for drunk driving or drug charges in Seattle

Telephone Conference Options

My services are also readily available via telephone conference:
If you prefer this form of contact with me, we can schedule a convenient time. Many clients have found satisfaction in this form of communication. Substantial gains may be accomplished even by telephone.

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