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Dual Diagnosis:
Delicate Cases :: High Risk Psychiatric Intervention

Patrick J. Hart Psy.D.
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If You Suffer, Let’s Find Some Solutions!

Many people are trying to cope with a combination of issues. Do you recognize these symptoms in yourself or in a loved one?

Are you puzzled about the true meaning or distinction between substance abuse, chemical dependency, and formal drug addictions that involve true biophysical craving and excruciating physical withdrawal symptoms? Do you want to gain clarity and learn the difference? Do you really know what options are available? Are you willing to change, but have not yet found the solutions that will work for you?

Perhaps you wrestle with addictive behavior problems that involve no chemicals; that is, you struggle with unwanted habits and behavioral challenges.

You may find that you exhibit signs of codependency, such as controlling behavior, distrust, perfectionism, avoidance of emotions, difficulty with intimacy, excessive caretaking, hypervigilance, and/or physical illness related to stress. Codependents often suffer from depression, as they succumb to excruciating feelings of frustration or sadness over their inability to improve their situation. They are also frequently driven by intense feelings of shame.

Panic disorders, manic episodes, and perceived mental instability can cause you stress and worry.

Whatever your issue or combination of issues, I can assist you in recognizing and dealing with the concerns with which you struggle.

Psychiatric Intervention and Dual Diagnosis of Major Mental Disorders

  • Life Threatening Chemical Dependency
  • Schizophrenia : Psychotic Episode
  • Bipolar Affective Disorder : One and Two
  • Manic Episode : Bipolar Spectrum Disorder
  • Psychotic Depression : Suicide Precautions
  • Amphetamine Induced : Paranoid Psychosis
  • Substance Induced Delusional Syndrome
  • Lethal Dosage Fifty : Overdose Precautions
  • Psychotic Disorders : Help Restore Stability

Helping Loved Ones Help Their Loved Ones

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