National Service Family Intervention Strategies for Delicate Cases

National Service:
Intervention Strategies for Delicate Cases

Patrick J. Hart Psy.D.
Solution Focused Interventions are Conducted Nationally

Road Sign Beware

Extended travel for addiction-related intervention or other complex psychiatric “dual diagnosis” or delicate “harm reduction”  & safety precautions contexts is available. The various intervention methods (surprise vs invitational approaches) practiced by me provide crisis-prevention and motivationally enhancing outcomes for problems that surround suicidal behavior or formal psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar-disorder. Carefully planned and strategic intervention approaches can be developed to interrupt patterns of socially predatory and cruel human conduct like sexual abuse, domestic violence, child deprivation and elder neglect.

An exploration of the specific nature and demands of your intervention is required to determine the viability of national services. Much of our initial planning must be conducted by phone consultation when we are separated geographically. To explore such options – simply call 206-547-HELP.

National Travel: Time Frames and Logistics

Day 1 Travel Session.
Air travel from Seattle to your destination is followed by an initial training session. Your family or “team” must be prepared to consult with me that evening. Our preparatory meetings usually take place at the hotel facility where I am staying.

Day 2 Rehearsal.
The rehearsal is routinely conducted the next evening to provide time for individual members to complete preparatory tasks and to assure that we have maintained the recommended safety precautions. (In critical cases our rehearsal may also be accomplished on day one).

Day 3 Intervention.
The time of our actual intervention shall be organized to coincide with the scheduled admission to the recovery-center selected for evaluating and managing treatment. This is followed by a period of time for adequate “debriefing” of the events of the intervention and for ongoing recommendations. Before departure from your city, recommendations for post-intervention follow up will be provided.

Again, physical distance necessitates that initial planning be accomplished by phone consultation. Teaming with you in planning and conducting a streamlined and fail-safe intervention is my fundamental goal.