Psychiatric Intervention | Dual Diagnosis High Risk Contexts

Compassionate Decisive Family Intervention

Does the Addiction Seem Lethal?

Non-confrontational Solutions
Reduce Harm and Restore Stability

Help for Families: Promote Stability and Relieve Suffering

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  • Promote Stabilization & Restore Safety
  • Paranoid Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Affective Disorder
  • Psychotic Depression
  • “Dual Diagnosis”
  • Lethal Dosage & Addiction

Decisive Recommendations: Harm Reduction
Assessment for Exceptionally Delicate Cases and Safety Precautions

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Alongside my practice of addiction-related intervention, I provide discreet and confidential risk assessments when psychological problems are apparent. Risk-evaluations and safety measures require close collaboration with family members and close significant others.

This practice helps families develop harm reduction strategies which can facilitate the identification and resolution of psychiatric conditions like bipolar disorder (manic-depression), personality disorders (borderline and antisocial) and psychotic disorders like paranoid schizophrenia or amphetamine-induced delusional syndrome.

I specialize in complex cases that involve “dual diagnosis” or “co-occurring” psychological issues. Comprehensive services are available for delicate and challenging contexts that require astute clinical diagnostic skill and informed treatment matching. I help loved ones compassionately prepare for extreme defensive reactions and assure that all appropriate safety measures and crisis prevention strategies are maintained.

I provide expert case assessment to determine if intervention is appropriate to your situation. I will assist you in the evaluation of potential contexts, which will assist you in determining what forms of help you can choose from, and whether an offer of appropriate care might help restore security and stability to both you and your loved one.

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I’m here to help you 1) evaluate, 2) organize, and 3) conduct delicate intervention contexts that may involve life-threatening or severely debilitating psychological conditions. Compassionate and useful treatment resources are available to assist people who suffer from formal psychiatric conditions like paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, antisocial and borderline personality disorder, or psychotic depression.

Seattle Based National Services.

  • Clinical recommendations for safety measures and treatment matching.
  • Relief of the suffering associated with profound mental health issues.
  • Seattle psychiatrist and psychologist referrals for therapy and care.
  • Therapist treatment matching for depressive and anxiety disorders
  • Domestic violence precautions and anger management
  • Family intervention: major mental health issues