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If you believe you could benefit from a relaxed and friendly exploration of whatever psychological questions perplex you, rest assured in advance that you’ll find value in the work that we do together.

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Patrick J. Hart Doctor of Psychology

Welcome to my psychotherapy and mental health counselor practice!

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I hope you find my website interesting and useful at once! This Website is very elaborate because I have been adding to it for the past twenty-five years. If you are seeking mental health care, I certainly hope you find something intriguing and useful in the pages I've written. If you sense I could be of help and would like to meet and explore solutions to whatever psychological problems challenge you, I warmly encourage you to give me a call so we can schedule some time.

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Steadfast collaboration and mutually shared devotion . . . Dedicated to the people I serve, I have enjoyed providing mental health care for the past thirty years. I've also sustained a gratifying independent private practice for well over two full decades. I meet with people in a relaxed and entirely confidential setting and my goal is for you to realize the personal growth and vital-life changes that you value most. Solution-focused with my clients, I help people resolve psychological difficulties that involve problems of depression and anxiety. I also assist individuals, couples, and families by extending skills-based counseling to help them manage life-defeating and self-destructive habits and behavioral problems. My clinical background is one of extensive academic training coupled with experience in hospitals, public agencies, and private mental health settings.

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Mental Health Assessment:

If you believe you could benefit from a relaxed and friendly exploration of whatever psychological questions perplex you, rest assured in advance that you'll find value in the work that we do together. If you seek some perspective, I’m willing to offer you my most genuine impressions — personal and professional alike!

Mental Health or Substance Use Evaluation:
Collaboration with you about your specific challenges will allow me to provide you appropriate recommendations and treatment options. Together, we'll effectively tailor our work to meet your specific needs.

For clinical challenges that extend beyond the scope of my practice, I network with a large professional psychologist seattle referral base and assist clients by treatment matching to appropriate private practitioners. It matters what kind therapy or mental health counseling you receive, and there are important distinctions among the different types of practitioners and therapy options: psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, therapist, hospital rehabilitation programs . . . agencies and recovery centers – myriad options exist! Because of my many years of experience and training, I will be able to match you to the treatment option that will bring about the change you desire.

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