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As a psychotherapist and mental health counselor, I have offered mental health counseling in Seattle for the past twenty years. Through my solo private practice I help people resolve a broad range of psychological problems. My practice provides evaluation and treatment for mood disorders like depression, and problems of anxiety like panic or phobia. Many people have visited this practice to learn cognitive and behavioral skills for their emotional adjustment, or to resolve unwanted habits, chemical dependency, and other addiction-related problems.

My Resume :: A Summary of Professional History and Education

My history in the mental health field has involved advanced practical and supervised internships within various inpatient and outpatient mental health centers. The linked resumé summarizes my extensive work with hospitalized psychiatric patients and their families.

My professional background includes the supervision of residential psychiatric treatment facilities for children, adolescents, and adults; inpatient treatment for people recovering from depression, eating disorders, or addictions; and broad experience within the context of involuntary treatment for institutionalized psychiatric patients. I have long practiced as a group therapy specialist, and I frequently work with families and consult with professional organizations as an independent drug intervention specialist.

I Take Great Pride in the Behavior-Analytic Foundations of My Practice.

Academic Clinical Foundations :: Therapy Style

Resume :: Training History

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