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Mental Health Click– The Hart Center Intake Form 2013

Funny Cartoon: Clinic for the easily offended: Seattle Mental Health

If you have worked with me in my practice, you will likely find many of the below printouts familiar! Some of these are whimsical metaphors and reminders to help you practice psychological flexibility, openness to experience, and behavioral health. Other exercises will require concrete actions that will help you remain on balance and skillfully stay on track in the life you value living . . .

What Do You Want from Counseling?

This Exercise Will Enhance Your Awareness
or What Matters to You Most?

The Valued Living Questionnaire:
A Exercise to Help You Masterfully Reflect on What You Value

Values Goals, Actions:  Barriers
A Template to Help You Have a Look at Your Mind’s Barriers

 A List of Typical Cognitive Distortions

Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Exercises | Professor Kelly Wilson

Brilliant Matrix  | Learn Psychological Flexibility

A Formula | Mindful Liberation

Process Anchors Therapist Guide

Moving Towards and Moving Away Worksheet

Birds of a Feather Illustration

Birds of a Feather | Chirp Together

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Pantry of My Life

The Web of Life

A Blank-Hexaflex

 Matrix Only

 The Garden of Life

Appreciating the Plain Fact of Human Sorrow | Psychology Today

Birds of a Feather

Birds Only v.2

Matrix Sheet Only

Moving Towards and Moving Away Worksheet

Present Moment WorkSheet Pt

Valued Action Worksheet

Values Appreciation Worksheet

Values Worksheet VLQ FANCY

Valued Living Questionnaire One

Word Prisons . . .

 Tree of Life Handout

 HexaFlex Diagnostic Worksheet | Therapist

Formula for Liberation | Print Out


Acceptance Commitment Therapy

:: ACT Metaphors :: Exercises & Reminders

Verbal Psych Pain Metaphor

Hands Entangled De-Fusion Metaphor

Guiding Metaphor Template Worksheet ::
Thugs on the Bus :: Defusion Metaphor

Prison Bar Verbal Evaluations:
A Whimsical Cartoon of How the Verbal Mind Traps Us!

Captain or Captive of Your Emotions:
Video :: Have You Demons in Your Hull?

Emotion :: Reason :: Giving :: Basic Flow Chart

ACT Made Simple :: Client Handouts and Worksheets
Worth Your While if You Wish to Own Your Mind!

The ATQ: ACT Thought Questionnaire
Believe Ability :: Watch Your Mind!

The Hexagonal Model :: Six Facets of ACT Practice

SIFT SLOW Mindful Defusion Exercise

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Worksheets

Change Plan Work Sheet
Print, Save, and Re-Use Again and Again

Social Avoidance Questionnaire

APPROPRIATE Use of Your Own Mind

Relational Neurobiology – MindSight
Dan Seigel MD

MindSight Defined | A Skill We Can Learn

Ps MindSight Brain Functions


Measure Your Relationship Attachment Style


The Gottman Marital Therapy Literature

Patrick’s The Four Horsemen Defenses Gottman

ATTUNEMENT  Hart’s Gottman Creation


Good Complete Worksheets for ACT With Love


Meditation Wisdom

Shenpa Syndrome
Getting Hooked By Your Mind

AdyaShante: Guided Meditation Samples


Making Use of The Positive Psychology
Movement :: Authentic Happiness

Some Articles Worth Saving!

Hayes 1984 Making Sense of Spirituality..

Darwin and Emotional Expression


:: Select an Interview of Intrigue for You!

This superb podcast is extended to us by Dr. David Van Nuys. David has another psychology podcast interview series on topics in mental health, wellness, and psychotherapy called which you will find at www.mentalhelp.net.


Structured Outlines:
Guides to Self Preservation

Intervention Style Message Outline:

Whole Communication Outline::
A Message from Your Reality



Functional Analytic Psychotherapy:

FAP Therapist Rules List :: R+ Sd’s & Aware

Functional Contextualism:


Loss Inventory Assignment 

Exercises to Enhance Awareness

Socrates :: A Measure of Eagerness for Change

Socrates: Spousal Inconvenience Checklist.

Some Quotations to Live By!

It Costs so Much to Be a Full Human Being

Honest Abraham Lincoln
:: Reducing the Shame of Alcoholism

To Thine Sellf Be True!
:: This is Your Deep Speaking to Your Shallow . . .


Chaos Predicts . . . 

Vital Action | Self Agreement Work Sheet


DISCL 2013 45 PJH

Know Thyself | Fabulous Links for Self-Reflection & Self-Compassion


:: Defined as Psychological Flexibility

Patrick’s Mindfulness Conceptualized as Psychological Flexibility:
Skillful Means :: The Practice of Acceptance Commitment Therapy


Professor Ellen Langer | Actively Aware
The Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness


Psychiatric & Psychotropic Medicine Oblivion:
See this Stunning Documentary as you Explore Your Mental Health! 


 The Psychological Effects of Meditation | A Meta Analysis

 Video Building A Unified Model | Psychological Flexibility 


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