Patrick J. Hart Psy.D. — — Counselor & Psychotherapist



Psy.D. |Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (2006)
The Professional School of Psychology – Sacramento

The Fielding Graduate University (1993-2002)
(Ph.D. Candidate “All But Dissertation ABD” | Clinical Psychology)

M.A. |Master of Arts Clinical Psychology (1996)
The Fielding Graduate University

M.S. |Master of Science | Experimental Psychology (1983)
Western Washington University

B.A. |Bachelor of Arts | Counseling Psychology (1980)
Western Washington University


1990 – To the Present Day: Independent Private Practice
The Hart Center: Seattle Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health Services
Private practice established in 1990. Providing evaluation and treatment for a wide range of psychological problems including mood disorders like depression and problems of anxiety, adjustment, impulse control and addiction related difficulties.

I also maintain my practice as an independent family intervention specialist:  The Hart Center for Intervention and Family Crisis Prevention, specializing in the practice of formal family intervention. Clinical services respond to all aspects of addiction, psychiatric illness and high-risk compulsive behavior. Treatment philosophy emphasizes humanism, self-regulation, and personal skills-development for the enhancement of mental health.

1995-1996 Doctoral Internship Completed : Clinical Training Rounds
Behavioral Health Division of Group Health Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Washington. Completed clinical training as an intern psychologist. Supervision included the application of cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic theories and associated psychotherapies. Training rounds included psychometric tests and measures, neuropathology, anxiety & panic treatment & group therapy. Provided evaluation and treatment for the wide range of presenting problems and cultural diversity of patients presenting for psychological services within this major-metropolitan mental health center. Clinical services provided resources for the management of stress, anxiety, panic, phobia and avoidance.

1990-1994 Family Therapist and Group Specialist
Highline Riverton Hospital. Seattle Washington.
Served hospitalized patients diagnosed with major depression, anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Specialized with group and family therapy under the supervision of a multidisciplinary treatment team. Lectures, in service training, and peer supervision were routine responsibilities.

1989-1990 Foreign Expert and Director of Teacher Training
Xian, Shaanxi, Peoples Republic of China.
Served a Director of Teacher Training for second language methodology and examination guide lines. Instructed faculty and post-graduate students in English language proficiency and socio-linguistics. Coordinator for scholastic cultural exchange program.

1986-1989 Mental Health Professional (MHP)
Highline Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment Center. Seattle Washington. Provided treatment and clinical services for involuntary clients in this acute inpatient psychiatric facility. Responsibilities included case management, individual, group, and family therapy. Also provided supervision and clinical leadership for a multidisciplinarty treatment team.

1984-1986 Lead Therapist and Clinical Supervisor
Martin Psychiatric Treatment Center. Bellingham Washington
Directly responsible for the management and clinical supervision of an eight-therapist treatment team; serving psychiatric youth in residential treatment. Maintained the treatment milieu of this 15 bed facility. Assisted in program development, evaluation, quality assurance and review.

1983-1984 Child Development Counselor
Martin Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment Unit. Bellingham Washington. Provided individual and group therapy for adolescents and families. Addressed clinical contexts involving problems related to abuse, neglect, deprivation and related developmental trauma. Client presentations ranged from disruptive-oppositional-defiant behavior to formal personality and psychotic disorders.


LMHC Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor Number LH00003694
MHP Washington State Recognized/Registered Mental Health Professional
SCA Member Seattle Counseling Association
WSPA Student Affiliate: The Washington State Psychological Association
NAI / WMHCA Member of The Washington Mental Health Counselors Association
NAPS Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study Student Member
Member of Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers


  • Active Provider: Washington State Health Care Authority
  • Magellan Behavioral Health and EAP Panel
  • Treatment Provider: Uniform Medical
  • Regence Blue Shield of Washington
  • (EAP) Various Employee Assistance Program
  • Please Consult Your Carrier to Determine Benefits


  • Provider: Washington State Health Care Authority
  • Provider: Magellian Behavioral Health Panel
  • Preferred Treatment Provider: Uniform Medical
  • Check Your Carrier to Assure Coverage
  • Numerous Employee Assistance Programs

The Below List . . . Is Under Construction

  • Cognitive-Behavior Therapy of Depression
  • Primary Certificate: Rational Emotive Therapy.
  • Mastery Management of Anxiety and Panic.
    Cognitive Behavioral Strategies and Group Facilitation
  • Strategic and Structural Family Therapies: Theory and Clinical Application
  • Contemporary Behavioral Marital Therapies
  • Collaborative Behavioral Couples Therapy
  • Object Relations and Family Systems: A Systemic Perspective
  • DSM Differential Diagnosis: Dual Diagnosis and Substance Related Disorders
  • Group Process Psychotherapy in Chemical Dependency
  • Gestalt Theory and Application: Awareness and Contact Quality — Cycle of Experience
  • Narrativity in Psychotherapy: Construction of Self & Re-membering
  • ACT – Acceptance Commitment Therapy: A Contextual Approach to Psychotherapy and the Treatment of Behavior Disorders.
  • Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy: Schema and Self Understanding
  • Gestalt Individual & Group Psychotherapy
  • Schema-Focused approach to Personality Disorders
  • Solution Focused Therapy: Anxiety and Adjustment
  • Management of Assaltive & Aggressive Behavior: Safety Precautions
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – “Master Certification” – The Tebbits Institute.
  • Codepency Anonymous and Alanon Programs: Help and Hope for Chemically Dependent Families
  • Alconolics Anonymous: A Twelve Step Program Retrospective on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • Differential Diagnosis of Mood Disorders: Bipolar II Affective Disorder — Comorbidity and Implications for Care.
  • Holistic and Vedic Practices — Mental Health
  • Kripalu-Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification Training
  • Presently a Student of Psychological Assessment: Objective and Projective Tests and Measures


Doctoral Dissertation Research Project
Psychometric Development and Construct Validity of a Measure of Experiential Avoidance.

Master’s Thesis
Behavioral Stereotypy: The Effects of Varying Concentrations Ethanol (Alcohol) Upon Fixed-Interval Operant Behavior


• Theoretical and Clinical Application of Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Conceptual Development of the Experiential Avoidance Construct. Contemporary Behavior Analytic Psychology.

• Motivational Intervention Methods in Substance Use Disorders
Efficacy of Formal Family Intervention and Compliance with Substance Abuse Treatment. (Longitudinal Investigations of Formal Intervention as a Relapse Prevention Strategy).

• Experiential Avoidance and Behavior Disorders
Functional Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavior Disorders. The Application of Accpetance-Based Interventions in the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression Substance Use and Behavior Disorders.

• Functional Contextualisim in Contemporary Behaviorism
Associated Therapies Theories and Clinical Applications. Implications for Practitioners of Mental Health Care.

• The Transpersonal Movement in Contemporary Psychology:
Qualitative Research and Altered States of Consciousness (states of addiction & abstinence).

• “Nootripics-Smart Nutrients”
Nutritional Remediation of Mood Disorders and Problems of Attention and Concentration.

• A Course In Miracles
Nothing Real Can Be Threatened; Nothing Unreal Exists. Herein lies…
(not a simple analysis of variance!)

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