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Patrick J. Hart Psy.D.
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Evidence-Based Behavior Analytic Approaches to Psychotherapy

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Mental Health In Mind:
Diagnostics Can Not Define You!

The website linked here is organized around the diagnostic categories of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). Learn about issues related to getting help from a mental health professional.

The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Voices Serious Concern About Proposed Changes in DSM-5

The ACBS Board of Directors has expressed serious concern regarding the content of the future Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition, (DSM-5), which is currently under development. The DSM serves as an important component of the research, education, and practice of most licensed psychologists in the United States.

“We find that many of the proposed changes to the DSM are inconsistent with Contextual Behavioral Science and practice,” explains Patty Bach, ACBS President. “The proposed version minimizes the role of non-medical (i.e., environmental) variables in the etiology and course of psychopathology. What’s more, the new diagnoses and revisions to existing ones serve to pathologize normal human experiences such as bereavement.”

Following a vote by the Board of Directors, ACBS has signed on to an open letter addressed to the DSM-5 Task Force and the American Psychiatric Association. The letter can be found here. It outlines many specific concerns and offers suggestions for change.

By signing this letter, ACBS has joined with many sections of the American Psychological Association, the British Psychological Society, the Association for Women in Psychology, as well as many other notable organizations in opposing the proposed changes.

Learn more about this issue, and co-sign the letter here.

How Family Members Can Help: :
People with psychological problems and issues of behavioral or addiction are frequently embarrassed about their challenges and unclear about what help is available. See this glossary of psychological terms to help you understand and speak the language of psychological health. Learn about various therapy options for depression, anxiety and other problems.

Depression and Anxiety
Psychotherapist and Counselor: The Hart Center is the Seattle-based practice of Dr. Patrick Hart, offering evidence-based therapy and other counseling options for depression, anxiety, panic attack, anger management, phobia and post traumatic stress disorder.

Therapy Options: Psychologist Referrals
Get clear answers about the identification and treatment of substance induced mood disorders by calling Dr. Hart’s counseling practice.

Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
Private treatment and counseling. Rehabilitation program and recovery center matching referrals. Make informed choices and find the help that will work best for you.

Family Intervention: Intervention Specialist
As a psychotherapist, Dr. Hart will help you decide if intervention is appropriate to help you and your loved one step out of the trap of addiction. Learn the distinction between substance abuse and chemical dependency. Private treatment and rehab center referrals or drug treatment matching.

How to Deal with Threats of Suicide and Violence
The fastest way to get emergency help is by calling 911. If you have an emergency now and realize that you are confronted by a life-threatening emergency, get off the web and call emergency 911. If you are worried about responding to an emergency in the future, read about how to be prepared and how to identify warning signs of trouble. Call the Seattle Crisis Clinic to find a Seattle counselor to help!

Evidence-Based Programs and Practices:
National Registry of Evidence-Based Therapy and Counseling. Counselor Programs and Practices (NREPP), a service of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Evaluation: Psychotherapist, Counselor, and Psychologist Referrals for Therapy and Personal Change

If you are seeking help for your psychological health or recommendations for breaking free of drug dependence, the National Registry of Evidence Based Therapy and Counseling is a great first step toward educating yourself about the distinction between substance abuse and chemical dependency. Make informed choices about treatment options and explore drug rehab and addiction rehabilitation centers and recovery programs throughout the nation.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Research
The purpose of this registry is to assist the public in identifying scientifically tested approaches to preventing and treating psychological problems or substance use disorders that can be readily disseminated to the field. The Registry of Evidence Based Therapy and Counseling is one way that SAMHSA (defined below) is working to improve access to information on tested methods, therapy, and interventions, thereby reducing the lag time between the creation of scientific knowledge and its practical application in the field.

Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has established a clear vision for its work – a life in the community for everyone. To realize this vision, the Agency has sharply focused its mission on building resilience and facilitating recovery for people at risk for mental or substance use disorders. SAMHSA compiles research and educates professionals and the public about mental health interventions and rehabilitation methods and is gearing all of its resources – programs, policies and grants – toward that outcome.

Psychotherapist & Psychologist Referrals
Counseling :: Evaluation & Treatment

Counseling and addiction treatment recommendations are available through The Hart Center in the Wallingford district of Seattle. Dr. Hart is a family intervention specialist who practices various intervention methods such as dual diagnosis, psychiatric disorders, drug abuse, chemical dependency, and other addictive disorders. Crisis prevention is available through specialized intervention services both in Washington State and throughout the nation.

A Family Guide to Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy and Drug Free
A Family Guide To Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy & Drug Free is a public education Web site developed by SAMHSA (defined above) to communicate to parents and other caring adults about how they can help promote their child’s mental health and safety, protecting them from substance abuse and chemical dependency through counseling.

Psychotherapist for Youth at Risk in Seattle

Reduce the risk for youth and teen agers in Seattle becoming involved with alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. The Washington State Alcohol Drug Helpline can answer questions about intervention and addiction treatment. The Washington State Teen Drug Helpline also has an abundance of resources for teens and parents who have questions about intervention and recovery center options.

Call The Hart Center Family Intervention Services for information on psychological care and options for teen drug intervention and addiction crisis prevention. Explore the broad range of treatment and therapy methods. Recommendations for addiction treatment programs and rehabilitation centers for chemical dependency and other addictions.

Mental Health Counseling Seattle
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