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If for some reason you unable to visit my office, I hope to serve you none the less. Whether we are geographically separated, or you prefer absolute confidentiality, you may schedule time for private counseling of professional coaching by means of telephone consultation. I offer you elegant and useful answers to your most baffling or pressing questions about mental health problems, psychological diagnoses and appropriate psychotherapeutic treatment, therapy, or counseling methods.

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Phone consultation for answers to your most pressing questions about mental health problems, psychiatric care, family intervention methods and treatment for various forms of addiction. Let’s take an hour and sketch out a plan. While much less streamlined, you may also Email me here if you wish.

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No matter how big your problem, from dual-diagnosis and co-occurring disorders to malignant drug addiction, I can help you evaluate your situation with respect to your personal care or help you assess the appropriateness of family intervention services. I’m willing to help you explore contexts involving psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, psychotic depression, high-risk drug abuse, chemical dependency, and medically dangerous addictive disorders.


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If you wish I will provide astute recommendations so that you can make informed decisions about psychotherapy, psychiatric care, or treatment methods and programs that are available throughout the nation. I maintain an extensive referral base and I am willing to help you with referrals to rehabilitation programs, psychiatric hospitals, detox centers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and similar mental and medical health professionals.

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Crisis Prevention ~ Safety Precautions ~ Harm Reduction Strategies

Phone conference counseling can be especially beneficial when geographic distance prevents consultation in person. If you are baffled, perplexed, or frightened, and have questions about just how to go about resolving mental health or drug abuse problems, convenient and confidential appointments are available by telephone. If you are in need of help, this may be your first step toward realizing the changes that you desire.

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Assessment for Challenging Cases and Contexts Involving Dual Diagnosis of Addiction and Psychiatric Illness: Family Crisis Prevention

The initial phases of alcohol–drug intervention planning can often be accomplished by such telephone conference calls. Because of the delicate and complex nature of this process, we must carefully explore the various nuances, dilemmas, and challenges that presently confront you. Each case is unique and requires considerable individualized attention or assessment as to whether confronting your loved one is a reasonable and viable option. Also important is the determination of just what alternatives exist for alcohol drug rehabilitation, harm reduction strategies, or safety precautions if formal family intervention is not the recommendation of choice.

Family Crisis Intervention Assessment and Planning:

You are likely to have many questions that warrant clear, thorough, and decisive answers. Many risks must be considered and addressed to assure a smooth and successful process. In the exploratory phase of our work together, much of our preliminary planning may be expediently accomplished by telephone conference. Professional coaching by telephone is an ideal solution for many people!

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Telephone consultation and coaching for answers to your most perplexing questions about mental health problems.

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