The Stages of Change Model | Functional Behavior Change

The Stages of Change Model:
Functional Behavior Change

Patrick J. Hart Psy.D.

The Sages of Change
An Approach for Learning Self-Regulation

Establish Your Personal Readiness for Lasting Behavior Change!

The Stages of Change Model: Identifiy Your Stage of Readiness!

  • Pre-Contemplation Stage
  • Contemplation Stage
  • Preparation Stage
  • Action Stage
  • Maintenance Stage
  • Relapse Prevention Stage . . .

Motivational Interviewing
Are you tired of perpetually getting ready to quit?


The Harm Reduction Model
Practical risk management and safety precautions!

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All aspects of my  Seattle Addiction Counseling Practice have been consciously built to sustain fully private, individualized and personal care. Comprehensive, decisive and discrete national service may be negotiated for delicate or complex situations!

My practice provides pre/post treatment chemical dependency counseling, relapse "mistake" prevention and family aftercare follow-up to addiction treatment or "drug rehabilitation." I offer specialized behavioral health services for those wishing to enhance their recovery and assure ongoing abstinence from drugs. Personalized self-regulation training and group counseling can produce effective learning and promote efficient coping skills and help with the maintenance of psychological health.

People with alcohol and other drug addiction problems can respond well to contemporary methods of change as well as treatment or rehabilitation. When properly identified and motivated for treatment, drug addiction and substance related disorders are identified as a progressive and terminal illness–one that can be safely maintained in remission. Many problem drinkers–that had been literally dying from alcohol addiction–remain grateful that they made contact with appropriate help.

Personal and confidential recommendations for treatment matching:

  • methamphetamine
  • marijuana
  • Pornography
  • ecstasy
  • crack
  • crystal
  • cocaine
  • pornography
  • chat room
  • casino gambling or pull tabs
  • internet addictive disorder
  • cyber addiction
  • role play games

Substance Use Checkup:
Confidential Exploration and Treatment Recommendations

  • Are you perpetually "getting ready" to quit"?
  • Numerous "failed attempts" to stop on your own?
  • Sick Days: Are those hangovers getting harder?
  • Is "recreational use" no longer as fun as it used to be?
  • Are you defensive to others that mention your use?
  • Resentments? Guilt? Avoidance? Fear? Demoralization?
  • Living a "Dual Life"  Secrets? Blackouts?

Private and discrete substance abuse and mental health evaluations are available to extremely guarded individuals in high-visibility occupations or professional groups. My practice offers personalized guidance and treatment options for counselors, therapists, and other health care practitioners – students, elders and executives alike.

Are you suffering from chronic pain?

A wide variety of physical conditions result in chronic pain that creates excessive stress in our lives. In the treatment of these illnesses, drugs are often used to ameliorate pain and other symptoms. Patients frequently become chemically dependent on the prescribed medications like oxy contin or vicodin that can lead to drug abuse or full blown physical withdrawal syndrome. Read more in the following pages about drug abuse and how supportive family intervention and behavior therapy can help you to prevent or overcome such risks.

Explore Options for Pain Management in Seattle

Seattle Private & Individualized Alcohol Drug Treatment
Do You Really "Have and Addiction?"

Behavior Change Stategies for Pornography, Gambling,
Computer Games and Other Forms of Compulsive Behavior.

Behavioral Solutions to Behavioral Problems!

Is mainstream "rehab" the best option for you?