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I'm a believer in solution-focused and short-term therapy. Given this, I routinely suggest four to six sessions, if necessary, to help you make truly significant progress.

 Effective Solution Focused Care

Entirely Confidential Therapy | Entirely Private Pay.

I'm a believer in solution-focused and short-term therapy. Given this, I routinely suggest four to six sessions, if necessary, to help you make truly significant progress.

Perhaps just one meeting weekly over the next six weeks? Remember, I am dedicated to help you learn useful and enduring coping skills so you can fully resolve the challenges that find you seeking counseling or psychotherapy.

Because of the nature of my practice, I elect to remain a “participating” provider, rather than a “preferred” provider with insurance companies. Given this, I do not bill carriers directly. If your rely on insurance, I will provide you invoices with accurate diagnostic impressions and therapy procedure codes that reflect our counseling sessions. However, you must work with your carrier to negotiate reimbursement. This way, you may receive at least some benefit from your carrier. No matter what occurs between you and your insurance company, my routine $175 Fee is required at the close of each clinical session.

I Offer You Entirely Confidential & Fully Private Mental Health Care


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Some Notes About Insurance Demands & Out of Pocket Deductibles:

You may find that your insurance carrier requires a substantial "deductible" or "copayment" that you must pay personally, before your insurance even kicks in. If this is the case, you may find that you can work with me -- for quite some time -- before you meet your "out of pocket" insurance deductible.

Please be aware that all insurance carriers require mental health professionals to provide them an accurate, clinically justifiable and “treatable” psychiatric diagnosis. This means that I must diagnose you with some form of “mental disorder” or "psychopathology" like Major Depressive Episode, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder or Bipolar Affective Disorder if your problem is to be insurance pay eligible for mental health care.

Strangely, insurance companies require that you be somehow “mentally ill,” and they must judge your counseling to be “medically necessary” if they are to agree to pay for your mental health care.

If You are Counting on Drugs or Antidepressant Medications as your Mental Health Remedy -- Beware!

Remain aware that most companies have also implicitly contracted with you to reserve their right for their administrators to directly and summarily audit the content (your contracted therapist's file) of your counseling record. Once a formal psychiatric diagnosis is submitted to your insurance company, your diagnosis and treatment history is likely to be sustained life-long as part of your permanent medical record. Records are sometimes subject to quality assurance audit or legal subpoena. Please consider this as you explore psychotherapy or addiction counseling funded by your insurance plan.

Remaining unconstrained by the demands of your insurance agency, I am able to focus my full attention on helping you resolve your specific challenges when you visit my practice. Rather than dispersing my time and energy to work arduously for your insurance carrier, I offer strictly private pay services, while helping you assure the utmost personal confidentiality.

This way, I'm delghted to be able to efficiently devote my utmost professionalism, as your doctor, to your personal mental health care.

In order to avoid disappointment about my fee schedule and billing policies, please check with your provider and learn about their policy details in advance of scheduling time with me!

One way that I accept payment is through the PayPal® processing method. Simply click below to activate this safe and secure (encrypted) online credit card processing system. All major credit cards are accepted even if you do not have a PayPal account. We can also process credit card transactions by telephone or in session by a check of credit card reader.

** When Using PayPal: Remember to Add Four Percent to Your Total Invoice!Just Click Above

When you use the PayPal system, you must add an additional four percent to you invoice total to cover the processing fee attached to PayPal! Please calculate four percent of your invoice total and add this sum to the total you are submitting for your payment for my services.

Many insurance companies will reimburse you for some portion of the cost for counseling with a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Please contact your insurance provider to find out (1) if they will provide reimbursement for a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, (2) questions about your deductible and (3) at what rate you will be reimbursed for mental health counseling.

It is your obligation to determine what information they will require in order to reimburse you directly. I will provide you accurate invoice templates with appropriate procedure and diagnostic codes (if a diagnosis is applicable to you) if you wish to submit my invoices to your carrier. Have your carrier send you instructions as to exactly what they require. Next, we will figure out just how to satisfy their demands so that you are sure they will cover your expenses.


I I will gladly provide you invoices at the close of each session. Just ask! Once these invoices are written, it must remain your responsibility to save and distribute them.

For clients without mental health benefits, an appropriate fee is negotiable. Reasonably-priced services are offered for problems excluded by many plans (e.g., habit-control, mood management, self-regulation, life adjustment difficulties, “codependency,” and similar relationship problems, motivational family intervention).

Please note that family intervention services represent “conjoint counseling” (couples, group, or family) services and are rarely covered by plans!