Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Patrick J. Hart Psy.D.
Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health
Counseling for the Seattle and Bellevue Areas.

Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment Options:

People visit my Seattle Mental Health Counseling practice for solutions to a variety of psychological problems. Clinical work includes candid mental health evaluation, psychotherapy and decisive treatment recommendations for problems that involve depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and difficulties like panic attack,  anger management and social phobia.

Adaptation to Life Change: Psychological Coping Skills
Learning Self-Regulation of Mood, Emotion and Behavior

My private practice helps you develop lasting personal coping-skills as you learn to manage and resolve unwanted life-defeating habits and enhance your behavioral health! As a family intervention specialist, I also provide drug and alcohol evaluation to determine the appropriateness of addiction related family intervention and drug treatment.

Depression I Anxiety I Panic Attack I Anger Management I Stress I Social Anxiety and Avoidance

Located conveniently in Seattle’s Wallingford district, my practice offers a relaxed and entirely private atmosphere for the realization of personal change. As a licensed therapist, I help people learn to manage and cope with emotions like, fear, frustration, sadness and worry. Self defeating behavioral patterns that involve anger management and rage, procrastination, or poor impulse control may also be addressed.

If you desire treatment matching to find a qualified Seattle psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist — just give me a call to schedule a time to explore your options!

Behavioral Health Services: Self Regulation & Behavior Change

Many of us will readily admit that we are perplexed by the perseverance of certain unwanted self-limiting habits or maladaptive behavior patterns that –simply do not work– to enhance the quality of our lives. Frequently, our self-generated efforts to change life-defeating habits are baffling and ultimately ineffective! If you desire help to produce functional changes in living, my practice extends cognitive behavior therapy and  a broad range of contemporary psychological resources to assist you in accomplishing personal change.

Psychologically Based Alternatives to Twelve Step Programs

As an alternative or addition to “twelve-step” programs like alcoholics anonymous or alanon, I offer my clients contemporary “cognitive behavioral” and “skills-based” approaches to prevent relapse and to help them effectively regulate their own behavior. Through such methods, I assist people in changing life defeating habits or “compulsions” that involve contexts like gambling, internet use, video gaming, pornography and sex, chat rooms and the like.

I'll help you learn various mood and behavior management skills that provide lasting remedies for unwanted addictive behavior. Psychologically based coping skills help people sustain their motivation and ability to manage impulsive self destructive behavior. Behavioral health is your key to functional living!

Addiction Recovery Counseling: 
Manage Your Unwanted Habits!

Alternatives to Traditional "Rehab" Centers:
Carefully Explore Your Options for Personal Care

I will help you accurately and honestly explore your pattern of alcohol or drug consumption to determine if this reflects safe, benign and enjoyable social-recreational use — or if you are likely to be headed down a dismal path — that points toward chemical dependency and the progressive "loss of control" that predicts formal problems with addiction.

Just a Bad Habit?
Am I Really Chemically Dependent or Addicted?

I specialize with candid evaluation and “treatment matching” to various independent counselors, psychologists, self-help programs, or formal detoxification and addiction "rehabilitation" centers throughout the nation. My practice also offers follow-up and aftercare counseling in Seattle for people that have completed formal chemical dependency treatment or anger management programs. I work intensively with individuals to augment their participation in twelve-step programs. Psychologically based relapse prevention strategies and sobriety based life skills training can help people assure their abstinence and promote ongoing recovery from struggles with addiction and similar problems.

Intervention Specialist: Comprehensive National Services

Seattle Crisis Prevention : Harm Reduction : Dual Diagnosis
Professionally guided intervention assures that you deliver a loving, compassionate and motivational “message from reality” to a loved one that is trapped in the grips of substance abuse or addiction. Addiction is viewed a “family illness” that frequently devastates the entire “family system.” Appropriate addiction treatment program or drug rehabilitation recovery center matching is imperative to assure the most effective help for “chemically dependent families.” Various care options are available to addicts and alcoholics, ranging from dual-diagnosis and psychologically based programs, to twelve-step oriented rehabilitation centers. Family intervention always initiates constructive action and motivates life-preserving change.

Addiction Intervention Saves Lives, Families and Livelihoods

When addictive disorders are properly identified and motivated for resolution, substance use disorders (alcoholism, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine addiction) reflect life threatening medical conditions that can be safely resolved. Today's recovery treatment community approaches addiction as a chronic and terminal illness –- that can be maintained in safe remission -– when addressed by carefully chosen addiction treatment. Many problem drinkers and drug abusers remain grateful that they made contact with appropriate help!

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Phone Conference Assessment and Recommendations

Phone conference planning can be especially beneficial when geographic distance prevents consultation in person. Many persons in need of help have found that the assistance they need is readily available this way. If you wish to schedule time for a confidential exploration of your mental health questions– simply call 206-547-Help. For urgent questions, assessment for the appropriateness of drug intervention counseling, suicide and mental health crisis prevention recommendations: Call 206-769-Stop.

Agencies, Health Practitioners and Professional Groups

If you are interested in printed materials from Dr. Harts private practice, please send your business card or brochure! Let me know if you are interested in workshops or in-service training. I welcome brief phone introductions to those interested in my practice. 206-547-HELP / 206-769-STOP

Flexible Payment Options: Nationwide Phone Consultation is Readily Yours!