Seattle Teenage Drug Abuse and Addiction Prevention

Teenage Drug Abuse.

Protecting Your Kids from Substance Abuse and Addiction

While raising your child is one of the most rewarding aspects of living your life, it is also one of the toughest. As children grow up and become teens, the issues that surround parenting change and many families recognize that their youngsters will certainly be tempted to explore alcohol and drug use. It is certainly6 common to underestimate just how rampant substance abuse among young people is and how early it starts. Parents may also believe that because your child is not exposed to drugs at home this will protect them from experimentation, so some parents may not sense the need to raise the issue. Indeed, a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMSA in 2013 found that almost 10% of parents don’t broach the subject of substance misuse with their kids and more than 20% feel that what they say will have little impact on whether their children will choose to experiment. As parents you have an influential role though, so informing yourself with the facts about child and teen drug abuse, and how you can protect your kids from substance misuse and addiction, is vital no matter how old your children are.

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