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Reflect for a moment: How many personal change attempts have somehow strangely backfired? How many doctors and psychiatrists have been all to willing to brand you with psychiatric diagnoses and psychopathological diagnostic labels: bipolar, manic depression, borderline personality, generalized anxiety disorder, psychotic, post traumatic stress and schizophrenic...

Are your psychiatric medications

Given that you have searched and found my webpage, it is likely that you have tried numerous strategies to resolve your most personally troublesome, perplexing and "sticky" psychological challenges -- moods, emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
How many psychotropic medications, self-help books, growth trainings and self-improvement workshops have turned out to be pretty disappointing in the long run for you?
As a Doctor, I am guided by refreshing modern scientifically based approaches to Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy. I endeavor to help you relieve your suffering and fully resolve the personal struggles that find you seeking counseling or psychotherapy.
Determine what works best for you.
Holistic Approaches to Psychotherapy


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