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The Psychology of Video Game Addiction

Pioneers in the field of video game addiction are making clear thaw fact that this problem is rapidly escalating . Internet game and porn addiction has all the features needed to classify an addiction: losing occupations and loved ones; withdrawal symptoms like cold sweats rage and property destruction  . . . people complain of  migraines,  back problems and,very occasionally, death. And it’s occurring around the globe, but especially in America, the UK, and parts of Asia (China, Korea, and Japan).

No one knows how many people are affected,  but two statistics stand out: Globally, this is a $66 billion dollar industry, and in 2007 a study found almost 12 percent of participants in a 7,000 person study were diagnosed as addicted to video games. Clearly, if that trend even partially reflects numbers in the greater population, we’re in trouble.

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