Ways of Living an Authentic Life

The idea of living an authentic life is one that is used fairly frequently. However, what does it mean to live authentically? It means to harmonize our actions and words to our inner beliefs and values. What this means is that to live authentically is to live true to our actual self and not to how we think we ought to be. What this means then is that to live authentically, a person has to be in touch with their inner being. They need to actually know themselves. It’s important to sort through things that could be our beliefs and find the ones that truly resonate with the person we are today.


Part of realizing our authentic self is unblocking ourselves from the past, so to speak — turning off the tape recorder, and being grounded in the present moment. When we are grounded that we can be open, curious and accepting of ourselves and others.

Being authentic is much more than being real; it is expressing what is real. And clearly, what is real for me will be quite different than what is real for you. There is no value attached: it simply is what it is for each of us. If your sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs or chosen path is different than mine, we are both okay with it.

When we are both skillfully living from our authentic selves, our differences do not frighten or challenge us. There are no judgements. I honor the authentic you and you honor the authentic me.


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