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I've written this Website to introduce my private mental health counseling practice in Seattle. These pages will help you learn lots more about mental disorders and the therapy methods that treat them!

National Family Intervention

For each case that I evaluate, the broad range of intervention methods must be carefully considered as I help you plan and refine the strategy that fits best for the complex challenges that confront your family. Decisive and compassionate actions support life saving change!

Independent Family Intervention Specialist: Family Crisis Prevention
Please explore "invitational intervention" methods: neither secrets, nor surprises are routinely necessary to initiate constructive change. Each case must be meticulously tailored precisely for your situation. We must act decisively to uphold the utmost compassion and care!

Drug Intervention Planning: Preserving Dignity and Interpersonal Respect
Strategic case assessment assures that we delicately preserve dignity and interpersonal respect. Never shall we engage in brash defenses or risk hostile entrapment or futile confrontation. Family addiction Intervention decisively helps save marriages, livelihoods – family vitality – and precious human lives!

Seattle Based National Intervention: Restore Safety & Reduce Harm
Just call 206.547-HELP to schedule an office visit or to arrange a telephone conference to assess your situation for the appropriateness of an intervention strategy. I'll help you explore treatment matching to "rehabilitation centers," psychiatric hospitals, clinics or dual diagnosis and chemical dependency treatment programs. I'll help you explore private drug treatment and national addiction rehabilitation programs.

Teen Drug Intervention Specialist : Intervene Before the Damage is Done!
Teen Addiction Specialist: Therapy for teen drug abuse and family drug crisis prevention. Therapy options for non-chemical behavioral "process addiction" like internet gaming, gambling, pornography, cyber sex addiction, sexting, text messaging, chat room, computer console games and similar "clean" non drug addictions.

High Risk Psychiatric Problems. You Can Prevent Involuntary Commitment
Dual Diagnosis: Formal Psychiatric Disorders like Schizophrenia, Bipolar II Affective Disorder, Manic Depression or Borderline Personality Disorder respond well to appropriate therapy or medications. Elegant therapy approaches can be aptly prescribed by an able therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist,

Comprehensive Assessment is Readily Available By Phone Consultation

Just call to arrange a consultation to explore effective treatment matching options for recovery centers or psychiatric hospitals for co occurring disorders and dual diagnosis mental health care.

Washington State and national referrals: if you need the help of a psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor of similar mental health professional, I'll help you make well informed decisions about addiction rehab programs, psychiatric hospitalization or counseling centers. Many alternatives exist, and I intend to help you find just what will work -- for you!

Mental Health Counseling Seattle

People visit my private counseling and psychotherapy practice for solutions to a variety of psychological difficulties. The atmosphere at The Hart Center Mental Health offers a quiet and relaxed setting to safely explore and resolve your most perplexing personal challenges.

Mental Health Evaluation & Treatment : Psychotherapy & Counseling in Seattle
Clinical work includes mental health evaluations and psychotherapy for problems like depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, and post traumatic stress.

Psychotherapist and Counselor: Live Forward in Life You Value Most!
Careful collaboration with you will allow me to refine treatment plans that are most likely to be effective for you. From borderline personality disorder to manic depressive illness, and from social anxiety or phobia to schizophrenia we'll discover the therapy approach that will serve you best!

Therapy for Your Depression and Anxiety :( Do Your Moods Seem to Manage You?
Solution-focused and skills-based cognitive behavioral therapy aims to help you resolve struggles with mood and emotions; challenges with anger management, procrastination, and unwanted habits respond well to contemporary cognitive behavioral psychotherapy methods.

Anger Management: & Panic Disorder : Therapist Psychologist Psychotherapist
My therapy practice provides remedies for "panic attack," post traumatic stress (PTSD), social anxiety, life defeating phobias and similar problems that you have not been able to solve alone.

Social Phobia & Couples Marital Therapy Attune and Harmonize Your Relationship
Marital and couples therapist: I offer collaborative couples behavioral counseling for partners in conflict. I enjoy helping committed couples develop and uphold agreements or coping strategies that help them attune to one another's needs and serve to resolve the futile struggles that keep them estranged.

Bipolar Disorder & Post Traumatic Stress Learn to Balance Your Moods & Actions.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These empirically tested methods are supported by experimental psychology and behavioral scientific research and provide the foundations for my clinical work. Questions are encouraged – as soon as we meet

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life! Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy
If it is difficult to ignore your desire for help, give me a call and we will schedule some time.

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Private Addiction Treatment

My addiction counseling practice offers numerous refreshing and effective methods that are based upon empirical research in clinical behavior analysis and cognitive behavioral therapy. I offer vital alternatives and additions to the traditional mundane "rehab" atmosphere.

Private Alternatives to "Rehabilitation" Centers: Must We Call You an Addict?
Numerous elegant and inviting approaches have been carefully developed by clinical psychologists to help you learn the skillful-personal means to uphold your behavioral and mental health and sustain a lifestyle that is valued by you . . .

Personal Skills Based Behavior Therapy: Learn to Resolve Your Unwanted Habits
As your doctor, I will help you genuinely explore the meaning and implications that your addictive behavior holds, specifically for you. I'm willing to help you discern and discover just what actions to take – we'll do whatever is necessary – for you to learn how to resolve self-defeating behaviors that erode your own (and others) well being.

Flexible Counseling Methods for Learning Skills Based Behavior Change
Please open your mind to more elegant, compassionate and useful ways of talking about alcohol & drug problems, substance abuse, and similar (process addiction) life crippling patterns of unwanted addictive behavior (sex, pornography, gambling). Does defining yourself as an "addict" really help you to realize the behavior change that you really desire?

Easing the Shame and Stigma of Addition Compassionate Private Drug Treatment
The context of shame finds many people shying away from help that rigidly prescribes identification with demeaning and stigmatized labels like: "addict, alcoholic, codependent, mental patient . . . in need of rehabilitation"

Personal Solutions Tailored for You:
Fortunately, such mundane archaic jargon is just one of many useful ways for us to talk about the illness associated with chemical dependency and the interpersonal anguish of addiction.

If You Suffer with Addictive Behavior, Let's Find What Will Work for You!
I'm a therapist well versed in helping people with behavioral solutions to behavioral problems. Straight forward coping skills can be readily learned that help you persevere and regulate your own behavior. Connecting with others is one such imperative coping skill. Myriad options for therapy and renewal abound! Ready, or not . . . . just give me a call!

Do Nothing and Nothing Changes!
If what you are doing works for you – as the adage goes – don't fix it! Otherwise, I look forward to meeting with you as soon as you wish. In the mean time, easy does it, and thanks for your interest in my practice.