Seattle Psychotherapy & Counseling

People visit my private counseling and psychotherapy practice for solutions to a variety of psychological difficulties.

Counseling for Addictive Behavior

I offer vital alternatives and additions to the traditional mundane "rehab" atmosphere.

Family Intervention Help

Decisive and compassionate actions support life saving change!

Seattle Psychotherapy and Counseling

People visit my Seattle private counseling and psychotherapy practice for solutions to a variety of difficulties. The atmosphere at The Hart Center Mental Health offers a quiet and relaxed setting to safely explore and resolve your most perplexing personal challenges.

Private and Personal Counseling for Addictive Behavior

My Seattle addiction counseling practice offers numerous refreshing and effective methods that are based upon empirical research in clinical behavior analysis and cognitive behavioral therapy. Vital alternatives and additions to the traditional mundane "rehab" atmosphere.

Family Intervention Help

For each case that I evaluate, the broad range of intervention methods must be carefully considered as I help you plan and refine the strategy that fits best for the complex challenges that confront your family. Decisive and compassionate actions support life saving change! 

Mental Health Counseling

Psychotherapy in Seattle. Clinical work includes mental health evaluations and psychotherapy.

Alternatives to Rehabilitation

Numerous private inviting approaches have been developed by clinical psychologists.

Family Intervention

Specialist: Family Crisis Prevention. Each case must be meticulously tailored precisely for your situation.

Couples Marital Therapy

I offer collaborative couples behavioral counseling for partners in conflict with empirically tested methods.

Skill Based Behavior Therapy

As your doctor, I will help you genuinely explore the meaning and implications that your addictive behavior holds.

Drug Intervention Planning

Strategic case assessment assures that we delicately preserve dignity and interpersonal respect.

Depression & Anxiety

Solution-focused and skills-based cognitive behavioral therapy aims to help you mood and emotions issues.

Flexible Couseling Methods

Does defining yourself as an "addict" really help you to realize the behavior change that you really desire?

Restore Safety - Reduce Harm

Just call for an assessment of your situation for the appropriateness of an intervention strategy.

Anger Management

My therapy practice provides remedies for "panic attack," post traumatic stress (PTSD), social anxiety

Private Drug Treatment

The context of shame finds many people shying away from help that rigidly prescribes identification.

Teen Drug Intervention

Intervene Before the Damage is Done! Therapy for teen drug abuse, non-chemical abuse, and family crisis.

Social Phobia

Understanding Your phobic defenses. Cognitive behavioral therapy of phobia and avoidance.

Personally Tailored Solutions

Fortunately, such mundane archaic jargon is just one of many useful ways for us to talk about the illness.

High Risk Psychiatric Problems

You Can Prevent Involuntary Commitment for Bipolar II Affective Disorder, Manic Depression or Borderline Personality Disorder.

Let's discover the solutions that work best for you.

Reflect for a moment: How many personal change attempts have somehow strangely backfired? How many doctors and psychiatrists have been all to willing to brand you with psychiatric diagnoses and psychopathological diagnostic labels: bipolar, manic depression, borderline personality, generalized anxiety disorder, psychotic, post traumatic stress and schizophrenic...

Are your psychiatric medications

Given that you have searched and found my webpage, it is likely that you have tried numerous strategies to resolve your most personally troublesome, perplexing and "sticky" psychological challenges -- moods, emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
How many psychotropic medications, self-help books, growth trainings and self-improvement workshops have turned out to be pretty disappointing in the long run for you?
As a Doctor, I am guided by refreshing modern scientifically based approaches to Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy. I endeavor to help you relieve your suffering and fully resolve the personal struggles that find you seeking counseling or psychotherapy.
Determine what works best for you.
Holistic Approaches to Psychotherapy


I personally answer each of my calls.

really working for you?

Bipolar Disorder. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral. Bipolar II Disorder emerged as a separate diagnostic category of Major Mood Disorders and this differentiation has provoked a number of interesting questions among clinicians. Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Stress. I will assist you in identifying and understanding the nature of your anxiety, phobia, or panic problem. Instead of helping you get stuck in a psychiatric labeling game, I will assist you in identifying and understanding the natural human nature of your anxiety, phobia, or panic problem. Continue Reading →

Cognitive Behavior Therapy. If it is difficult to ignore your desire for help, give me a call and we will schedule some time. Modern clinical-experimental psychology has extended a number of therapeutic methods based on concepts and practices of mindfulness. Continue Reading →

Panic Disorder. Life defeating phobias and similar problems that you have not been able to solve alone. Panic attacks are routinely experienced as sudden, discrete periods of intense anxiety, fear and psychological discomfort that are associated with a variety of somatic sensations. Continue Reading → 

Do You Suffer with Addictive Behavior? Let's Find What Will Work for You! I'm a therapist well versed in helping people with behavioral solutions. People frequently visit my practice looking for guidance as to just what kind of help is best suited to their needs. Continue Reading →